Las Vegas is one of the most competitive marketing environments in the world. With endless entertainment options constantly competing for people’s attention, it can be incredibly difficult to get your brand noticed on the crowded Las Vegas strip or other high-traffic areas around the city.

That’s why more and more businesses, events, restaurants, shows, and other organizations are turning to street teams to help capture attention and drive engagement with their brand when it matters most – as people explore the city.

At, our street teams specialize in strategic marketing executions using hand-to-hand card distribution, mobile billboards, sign waving, guerrilla stunts, and other eye-catching techniques tailored for the Las Vegas market. We’ll help you stand out and deliver results.

The Power of Street Teams in Las Vegas Street teams provide a powerful in-person marketing channel that can be leveraged to:

  • – Increase brand awareness and visibility
  • – Generate buzz and hype for your brand, event, or location
  • – Drive foot traffic to your venue, restaurant, store, or booth
  • – Distribute coupons, samples, or other promotional items
  • – Capture leads, gather emails, and build your marketing lists
  • – Educate people about your offerings, menu, shows etc.
  • – Capitalize on foot traffic near your location
  • – Provide sampling and trial opportunities of your products
  • – Engage visitors in fun, memorable ways

With so many competing sights, sounds, restaurants, events, attractions and more in Las Vegas, strategic street marketing gives you an opportunity to grab attention and communicate with potential customers when they are most receptive.

Full-Service Street Teams from Vegas.Marketing

At, we handle all aspects of orchestrating and deploying street teams on behalf of our clients throughout Las Vegas. Our services include:

  • – Location Scouting – We identify high-value areas with heavy foot traffic near your venue or target locations to maximize your exposure.
  • – Staffing – We recruit, hire, train and deploy charismatic brand ambassadors to represent you.
  • – Creative Development – Our team works with you to create compelling cards, signs, costumes, props, offers and other elements to represent your brand.
  • – Execution – We flawlessly execute full street team campaigns across multiple locations.
  • – Management – Our project managers oversee the entire street team initiative to ensure your goals are met.
  • – Reporting – You receive complete reports detailing campaign analytics, samples and photos.

Below are some of the many street team services we offer:

Hand-to-Hand Card Distribution One of our most popular street services features our brand ambassadors handing out customized cards, coupons, fliers or other promotional items to pedestrians near your location. They engage people one-on-one to promote your brand and offer. The hand-to-hand approach delivers far higher response rates than simply handing out items.

Human Billboards Our custom human billboards are perfect for brand awareness and visibility. Your brand ambassadors wear portable signs, eye-catching costumes with branding, or even full body morph suits branded with your messaging. Wherever they walk becomes a moving billboard attracting attention.

Sign Twirlers & Sign Walkers Strategically placed sign twirlers and walkers dressed in costumes hold eye-catching signs near your venue to draw attention and awareness. Their energetic style and colorful signs attract crowds.

Backpack Signs For a lower cost option, we can have ambassadors walk predetermined routes wearing backpack signs promoting your brand or a specific offer near your location. The walking billboards capture visibility exactly where you want.

Vehicle Signs & Wraps We can deploy small street teams of 1-2 people on custom bikes, scooters, cars or other vehicles dressed in costumes and signs to cover more ground and expand your exposure. Vehicles allow you to reach further down the street or strip near your venue.

Guerrilla Stunts Looking for something outrageous? Our street teams can orchestrate exciting guerrilla marketing stunts like choreographed dances, flash mobs, impromptu performances, and other buzzworthy activations that grab attention.

Sampling & Product Demos Want to get your product or food directly into people’s hands? Our street teams distribute product samples, conduct demonstrations, and more to give potential customers a taste of what you offer.

Buzz & Hype Generate excitement and buzz for grand openings, shows, menu launches, new products, or other events by having our street teams distribute teasers and build hype around the city.

Data Capture & Lead Generation Beyond branding, our teams can also collect customer data, emails, phone numbers, and other lead generation items to help you market to interested pedestrians later.

Venue/Store Directions In crowded tourist areas, street teams can help point visitors in the right direction to find your venue, restaurant, store, or hotel. They give directions and help usher in foot traffic.

Local Outreach Reach locals and Las Vegas residents by having ambassadors hit residential areas with flyers, samples, coupons and special neighborhood offers that drive traffic to your business.

No matter what type of street team activation makes sense for your goals, provides full-service solutions handling all the details. We make it fast, easy, and effective to deploy street teams for your Las Vegas brand.

Why Choose Street Teams?

There are many benefits to choosing for your Las Vegas street team needs:

  • – Las Vegas Experts – Our team specializes exclusively in Las Vegas street marketing and knows the busy tourist areas intimately.
  • – Fully Insured – All of our street teams are fully insured for your protection and peace of mind.
  • – Great Locations – We secure optimal spots along the strip, Fremont Street, convention areas, and any other high-traffic destinations.
  • – Experienced Staff – Our brand ambassadors are outgoing professionals experienced in engaging crowds.
  • – Custom Branding – From morph suits to vehicles, we customize street teams to match your exact brand.
  • – End-to-End Services – We handle all aspects from creative to execution and provide detailed reporting.
  • – Scalability – We can provide teams of 1-100+ people based on the size and scope you need.
  • – Affordable – Our street team services are extremely cost-effective compared to other Las Vegas marketing.
  • – Proven Results – We consistently deliver measurable outcomes and ROI for our clients.

Stand Out In Vegas Don’t get lost in the sea of other brands competing for attention in Las Vegas. Our street teams provide a fun, memorable way to directly engage potential customers and stand out from the noise.

Call today at 725-500-8526 to learn more about our street team marketing services! We’ll strategize the best activations to accomplish your specific goals.

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