The Power of Location-Based Marketing for Retail Businesses
  • By Brandon Yates
  • February 13, 2024
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The Power of Location-Based Marketing for Retail Businesses

In today’s digital world, having an online presence is no longer enough for retail businesses. Customers increasingly make purchase decisions based on proximity and convenience. This makes location-based marketing strategies essential for driving in-store traffic, sales, and revenue.

Platforms like Google My Business, Yelp,, DoorDash and Uber Eats allow retailers to tap into location-based marketing and get discovered by nearby customers ready to buy. Here’s how to maximize these websites to boost your in-store presence.

Leveraging Google My Business

Google My Business creates your digital storefront on Google Search and Maps. Optimizing it should be a priority for every local retailer.

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Complete Your Free Listing

Start by creating or claiming your free Google My Business listing. This lets you manage how your business information appears on Google. Fill out key details like your address, phone number, website, business hours, photos, products/services, and more.

Optimize Your Profile

Your Google My Business profile lets customers learn about your brand when searching nearby. Include engaging photos of your products, store interior, staff, and customers. Write detailed descriptions of your offerings, brand story, and what makes your business special.

Add Products/Services

Use the products and services features to showcase your inventory or menu. Customers can browse and click to learn more without leaving Google. This gives them a reason to visit your GMB profile.

Post Regularly

Post updates showcasing new products, events, offers and more. This drives frequent engagement with your brand right on Google. Mobile visitors can even message you directly via Google My Business Messenger.

Monitor Insights

Analyze metrics like views, clicks, calls, requests for directions and more. The insights highlight opportunities to improve your profile and local SEO efforts.

Encourage Reviews

Positive Google reviews build trust and social proof. Ask satisfied customers to leave honest feedback about their experience. This helps you stand out locally.

Improve Your GMB Ranking

Having a complete, optimized Google My Business profile is key for ranking in local search and maps. Our Location-Based Marketing Guide covers more ways to improve visibility including local SEO tactics.

Promote Your Listing

Add your GMB link or map pin to your website, emails, flyers, social media, and anywhere else you can showcase it. The more awareness and clicks your listing gets, the more Google will see it as an authoritative local source.

Leveraging Review Websites Like Yelp

In addition to Google, consumers rely heavily on reviews on platforms like Yelp to evaluate local businesses. Having a managed, optimized presence on review sites is vital.

Claim and Complete Your Listing

Make sure you claim your Yelp for Business page so you can control the information presented. Flesh out details like photos, introduction, offerings, amenities and any other relevant data.

Encourage New Reviews

The more 4 and 5-star reviews you can accumulate on Yelp, the better. Ask happy customers to leave feedback and respond to any reviews you receive. This shows you are engaged.

Offer Check-In Deals

Run occasional check-in deals to incentivize customers to visit your location and leave reviews. For example, offer 20% off for checking in on Yelp.

Monitor and Respond

Carefully monitor all incoming Yelp reviews and replies from users. Respond promptly and appropriately to any criticisms and feedback shared. Handled well, negative reviews can build trust.

Advertise Selectively

Consider targeted Yelp advertising in the form of page sponsorships. But take care not to over-advertise or risk looking desperate. Focus on driving relevant organic growth through customer satisfaction.

Leverage Yelp Business Tools

Take advantage of free business tools like creating announcements, events, and Yelp Waitlist to engage customers right on the platform.

Expand to Other Sites

In addition to Google and Yelp, activate and manage your listings on other review sites like Facebook, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, BBB and any niche or local review directories relevant for your business.

Partner with On-Demand Platforms

On-demand delivery has become a major local discovery and engagement channel. Platforms like DoorDash and Uber Eats should be part of your location-based marketing mix.

Activate Your Listings

First, sign up and create complete business listings on each platform. Provide important info like menu/inventory, photos, descriptions, pricing, hours, contact methods, and location details.

Offer Specials

Run exclusive delivery deals and discounts to incentivize new customers to order from you. New user promotions also help acquire first-time buyers.

Make Your Listings Stand Out

Enhance listings with attractive food/product photos, engaging descriptions, and on-brand visual elements. Make them shine to capture attention as customers browse options.

Track Performance

Leverage their analytics to see which menu items perform best, when peak order times are, and other insights to optimize your presence.

Retarget Website Traffic

Install tracking pixels from delivery services on your website to retarget and remarket to site visitors who didn’t convert.

Influencer Partnerships

Work with local influencers to create sponsored posts and videos featuring your products. Most influencers have delivery apps installed and can easily order and showcase offerings.

Delivery-Only Options

Consider offering delivery-exclusive menus or products. This caters to the convenience customers seek on these platforms.

Location-based marketing enables local businesses to turn online browsing into in-store foot traffic. Optimizing your digital presence on Google, review platforms, on-demand delivery, and anywhere nearby customers search, is crucial for retail success. Use this guide to maximize your local online visibility and engagement.

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